Why should you care about having a digital presence?

It’s easy to get too involved in your work and what you’re passionate about, and that surely happened to me. I’ve been working in Digital Marketing for a bit now, in different companies that valued more or less having a digital footprint. And it hadn’t occurred to me that some people are still not convinced that this is important.

And I respect that. There are many businesses thriving with business models that do not require a strong online reputation. I firmly believe though, that these models will only decrease the farther we go into an interconnected society, where our consumers want the immediacy of information that a webpage can provide.

So it’s not a life or death situation of course, but it is a missed opportunity. The way I see it, digital marketing is cheap and cost-effective. It provides your customers with information about your business 24/7 (by having a website), it makes it way easier to find (who doesn’t use Google now a days), you get to target specific audiences that might be interested in your product (instead of the full blast we came to know with TV – where anyone with a TV was reached independently if they were likely to be your ideal customer), you can track results (you can pile on demographic information about your clickers – people who were attracted by your content, you can see who they are and offer your product at the most convenient times for them), you can make decisions and target based on the analytics (are you selling high heels? You’ll probably want to make sure women know about your brand!).

I’m just saying, even if you want to reach as many people as possible without segmenting your optimal audience, the internet still is the media with the highest reach for the best cost.

And if the arguments i have provided until now still don’t impress you, then let me put it like this:

You can use your website a s a content hub, from which the rest of your marketing efforts part. You can centralize event information, promotions, campaigns, or you can just use it as an online brochure that is easy to keep updated and available for your customers at any time. But my conclusion for you is: it is so easy to get your own website now a days, that not thinking digitally will limit your growth with an increasing pressure the more we evolve.

We can help you get your digital presence started! You have no excuses now.