About Us

Our dream is to make advertising and digital marketing accessible and affordable. We’ve seen in countless occasions how people with good ideas fail to push them through to the correct audience or any audience at all. And it is such a pity with the vast opportunity!

So we wanted to try this project out and test and see if a straightforward service offering like this one is what people needed. It’s up to you to use these resources and if this is not what you were looking for, give us your feedback!

We are a two man show! Two advertisers with a passion for marketing that met up here in Zurich and decided to put our talents to work. We know how to create platforms and send traffic to them, and have done so for our companies since years.

So then the great insight was born! Why not do it as a straightforward service?

It’s cheap enough for you to take the leap and trust in what we will deliver. If you don’t like it we can further the collaboration until we both find something worth being proud of! (and that will work, of course!).

We are all in for AB testing, concept creation, … and above all! Learning, improving and having fun!

With love and with pretty ideas,