Business Corporate Identity Manual

Create a guide that will encompass your business core identity. Let us help you create this document to give coherence and unity to the content in your website and across your advertising channels. As well as a handy in-house guidance.

We just want to give you a heads up! This is a basic manual, intended for first timers and beginners. If you’re a full fledged company with previous attempts at creating complex 100-page manuals, you might want to hire a consultant.

This manual will have:

  • Mission
  • Vision and
  • Values of the company (to be worked out closely with you),
  • Brand personality (how do you want to be perceived and what image will you benefit from portraying),
  • Logo ideas (different formats and colors) and
  • Business cards.

Turnover time: 1 month.

Corporate Brand Identity Manual

150.00 CHF